In Search of DNA

A semester in the Disotell Lab

Fall 2014 Disotell Lab Interns - Kristen Ramirez, Megan Petersdorf, Margaret Bryer, and Susie Lee
December 18, 2014

Dr. Todd Disotell (Professor, NYU) has famously searched for the DNA of many things: Bigfoot, Neanderthals, enigmatic primates, and modern humans. As an accomplished molecular anthropologist he typically succeeds in his quest… with the exception of Bigfoot. After spending a semester doing a NYCEP internship in his lab we all gained a newfound . . .

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Shoulder to Shoulder

Dr. Susan Larson shares her research on primate scapular morphology with the NYCEP, Hunter College community

Kristen Ramirez - Kristen is a Ph.D. student at CUNY/NYCEP concentrating on the evolution of the upper limb in the genus Homo
December 09, 2014

For any novice to physical anthropology the expanse of bones, their features, muscles, species, and functions can be overwhelming. Once the basics are down pat, graduate students then struggle to understand the complexities of individual joints, integrated units, and the interaction of each morphological unit within any given taxon. As a . . .

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Small and Sweet: First Annual North Eastern Evolutionary Primatology Meeting

Elaine Kozma - Elaine is a Ph.D. student in NYCEP concentrating on the biomechanics of climbing
November 24, 2014

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Students and faculty streamed back into the small conference room laughing and chatting warmed up by coffee and pastries. While there were just one hundred of us at Rutgers that weekend, it wasn’t for lack of interest (in fact, demand exceeded the capacity of the room!). The aim was to create a relaxed atmosphere at a small meeting. . . .

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